Located in the area of the former Picus factory in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the video Zwischenlandschaften II presents a heady collage of urban imagery poetic dialogue and spectral soundscape, which encapsulates the essence of the project. Whilst meditating on the glinting canal where ships once arrived from Surinam, a neon gas-station or the abandoned remnants of the Picus industry, the viewer is invited into the dreamlike recesses of the collective mind of the artists. Here one finds accounts of the night-time urban interventions undertaken by the artists and cerebral meanderings constantly shifting between myth and reality, weaving together themes of industrialism, absence, migration, and art.



In 2017 Nabuurs & Van Doorn performed sixteen minimal interventions in Eindhoven in order to revive the spirit of Picus, they called this 16 Circumferences of Feedback. These interventions involved projecting short textual extracts from the previously unseen Picus archive at specific locations strongly intertwined in Eindhoven’s cultural landscape. These public and private locations were gleaned from the regional archive. 

From these live interventions Nabuurs & Van Doorn produced a series of sixteen photographs through which they recorded each outcome thus providing a link between the archives, the original sites and their representations between history, heritage and art. Nabuurs and Van Doorn refer to these photographs as non-operational performances.

ZWISCHENLANDSCHAFTEN 2, distorted dialogues


TroPicus is an installation piece made up of a series of 162 inkjet prints on a combination of A3 and A4 sheets of paper. Each sheet displays a photographed image from the Picus archive (documents, photographs, architectural plans, correspondence) which is partially covered with hand applied black paint concealing the content to only leave traces of what once was. Nabuurs and Van Doorn refer to these individual sheets as ‘Distorted Dialogues’. 

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