Zwischenlandschaften I present an artistic exploration in response to artworks included in the open-art-system Furk’art, Mount Furka in 1978-2003. By bringing together imagery and a monologue comprised of anecdotes, notes and experiences collected from their research and creation process, the video creates a poetic collage that encapsulates Nabuurs and Van Doorn’s in-depth cerebration behind the project. 

The locations depicted in the video include landscapes of Mount Furka surrounding the Hotel Furka Blick. 



In August 2016 Nabuurs & Van Doorn performed minimal interventions at Mount Furka in order to revive the open-art-system of Furk’art, they called this Sparkles of What’s Missing. These interventions involved projecting short extracts from email correspondence with Furk’art artists at specific locations strongly intertwined with the Furk’arts legacy. These public and private locations were gleaned from archived recordings, online articles, published interviews and conversation. From these live interventions Nabuurs & Van Doorn produced a series of 11 photographs through which they recorded each outcome. 

ZWISCHENLANDSCHAFTEN 1, mapped interventions


Using the work of Zwischenlandschaften I as an ignition point, Nabuurs and Van Doorn created a performance for the urban backstreets of Documenta 14, Kassel. Six quotes from the Distorted Dialogue series were projected across 6 public locations, and participants known as ‘The Catchers’ who wore official Documenta 14 ponchos, made the words visible by moving into different configurations within the space. The other group of participants known as ‘The Framers’ used Samsung tablets provided to document the projected quote. At the end of the performative interventions Nabuurs & Van Doorn collated and exhibited the digital photographs taken by the participants, as well as a series of twelve drawings created as part of the performance, the ponchos and the images used to create the projections. Following the performance, these materialized components were exhibited within the vitrines in Peppermint alongside books from the Burkhardt’s library.



Game Piece 1 is a flexible participatory performance concept designed by Nabuurs and Van Doorn in which the audience (players) are divided into two groups; the ‘Catchers’ or the ‘Framers’ and take part in a night stroll in which the catchers wear ponchos or hold umbrellas in order to catch projections upon their person, whilst the framers document these moments using cameras provided. The quotes, being projected in different locations according to the space, are extracts from email correspondence with Furk’art artists. These light projections act as a vessel for the players to imbue with their own choices. Collaboratively they must decide upon the most effective movement and configuration in order to capture the projected text. Here layers of perspective come into play for the framers taking the photographs as the Catchers positioned closer to the cameras will display larger letters for example. Using the research of Zwischenlandschaften I as an ignition point, the Game Piece revives the ‘ghosts of a by-gone era’ making their words visible in the darkness, entering into dialogue with the public space. It questions notions of authorship by handing over control of both the performance and the documentation process to the audience. After the performance Nabuurs and Van Doorn collect the cameras used by the Framers and exhibit the photographs taken by the audience as their own artwork. 

© 2020 Copyright | Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs | All Rights Reserved

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not a performance

Zwischenlandschaften 1 2017 ink on paper, 418 x 298mm

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